The Beginning

So after dropping out of college and not knowing what i wanted to do with my life I finally decided that my love of baking was strong enough to make a career out of it. In september 2015 I will be starting a baking and pastry arts management course in Dublin institute of technology with the hope of one day starting my own bakery.. or something along those lines. I hope to use this blog to share my thoguts and some pictures/recipies. 

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Comments (4)

  1. killingtime

    Back when I first got a car I LOVED to drive. Any excuse & I was behind the wheel. I loved it so much that I even thought about being a truck driver. On the road every day driving, well it sounded like heaven to me. They would even pay me pretty good money to do what I loved, win win, wow!
    Then I moved far away & started making trips home. Trips like 1,500 to 2,000 miles over short periods of time (like a truck driver would). It didn’t take but a couple of trips & I started hating them & I mean really hating them. I would get home & do nothing for a couple of days except think about the damned trip back. The a couple of days before I was to leave, again all I thought of was that damned trip. I found out that what I used to love, I started hating because I did it so often.
    So the moral here is that after you bake a while I hope you still love baking but I wouldn’t bet on it. As with most things you can get burned out doing it if you have to do it. Just saying……

    July 07, 2015
    1. kateenglish

      i completely understand what you mean and yes there are parts of baking that i am starting to hate already (such as the washing up afterwords) but having tried two career paths already i strongly feel that having a career that you have an interest in is such a huge part of the battle of being happy in your job! I am finally excited about a college course i’m never going to be 100% confident that i’m making the right decision but if i don’t try i’ll never know… and hopefully the end result will be pretty sweet excuse the pun!

      July 07, 2015
  2. redtoesandpurplebubbles

    Way to go girl! Keep the passion (for baking) burning!

    March 12, 2016